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Come visit us at 642 West 26th Street in Erie to find your dream mattress today!

Other Furniture Stores in Erie, PA Can't Compete.

When is the last time you visited a furniture store that offered the ideal combination of quality, affordability, and expertise?

If you can’t remember, we’re happy to introduce you to Erie-Sistible Mattress, proudly serving the Erie, PA area since 2012.

Our mattress store specializes in American made products.

Since our beginnings as a mattress store, we’ve added even more inventory than ever before, including bedroom furniture, living room furniture, and even more top-of-the-line mattress brands! That means we have something for everyone. If you are searching for a fantastically comfortable pillow top, or even a memory foam mattress, you will find an incredible selection here at Erie-Sistible Mattress.

Perhaps you are a fan of the standard twin, full, queen, or king sized mattress and need to find a great deal. We specialize in discount mattresses that are also of the highest quality.

Living Room Furniture Erie, PA

Bedroom Furniture Erie PA

Getting a good night’s sleep should never be an option only available to those with a surplus of spending money. We make it possible for you to end restless nights, spinal alignment issues, and body pains with a brand new mattress. We can even advise you on the type of mattress that would best suit your sleeping style and needs.

Stop in for living room furniture, bedroom furniture and more!

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